LOST (2004 – 2010)


Creators:  J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindel 

Cast: Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews, Matthew Fox

Oceanic Air flight 814, en route from Sydney to Los Angeles, loses its way and is brutally torn in half in the sky, crash-landing the surviving passengers on a mysterious island that may or may not have a monster running loose. We quickly learn that the survivor has secrets and little by little they are revealed. But they are not along on the island.
This is so good you get not stop watching and you can’t wait until next week for an other episodes. for a while there that is all the people at the office was talking about. It is the smartest show that came out back then and addictive as hell. The first season moves along fine we get some flashback from time to time. This series was outstanding intelligently well written, Rich complex characters with secrets, Great performances, Mysterious setting on an Island somewhere with maybe a monster on the loose. Each episodes got better and better more mysterious than the other. There is a cliffhanger in every episodes even at the end f the season. That is all I am going to say without revealing too much just in case some of you didn’t see it yet.



ALIAS (2001 – 2006)


Creators: J.J. Abrams.

Cast: Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin, Carl Lumbly. 

Sydney Bristow ( Jennifer Gadner ) is a young, athletic, college graduate who was recruited her freshman year as a secret agent for SD-6, a top-secret branch of the CIA. Later on she tells her boyfriend about her life he ends up dead , Arvin sloan (Ron Rifkin) had him killed. Sidney learn that SD6 is not part of the CIA It is part of a alliance 12 who is out to rule the world. Now Sidney switch side and work for the CIA and becomes an double agent to take down SD 6 with the assistance of her handler, Michael Vaughn ( Michael Vartan)  and her estranged father Jack Bristow ( Vitor Garber ) who is also a double agent. Sidney fights terrorists, Other spies and traitors while trying to keep it a secret from her friends.

Here is a series from Abrams who is smart, funny at times, with action, the characters development is just fine. It is fun to watch this show with the fighting the gadgets, the adventures the back stabbing, It has it all. They are multiple stories going on at all time. The show moves at the paste it should, the characters are well acted and this was fun to watch. Sidney desperately trying to keep her life a secret from her friend while jungle being a double agent prove not easy to do. One draw back the last season was a little rushed with only 17 episodes instead of 22. But other than that a great show.