SENSE8 (2015 – )

Sense8 (2015– )

Creators: J. Michael Straczynski, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski

Cast: Aml Ameen, Doona Bae, Jamie Clayton

Andy and Lana Wachowski, have teamed up with J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5) to make a transcendental action-adventure drama with romantic undertones. A force defines time and space to connect 8 strangers mentally and they can see each other in their world. It  takes place in Mumbai, Seoul, Chicago, Mexico City, San Francisco, Berlin, Nairobi and London and it is  beautifully shot with stunning cinematography. and yes it is a Netflix series. It has the same style and Cloud Atlas and it feels like Lost combined with the series Heroes. There so if you like all of those you are going to love this one.

Nomi (Jamie Clayton) is a transgender blogger and reformed hacker (she prefers “hacktivist”) in San Francisco (Lana Wachowski is a transgender) no surprise it is in the series. Like the other seven people Nomi is having visions that causes her to start seeing, feeling and talking to others in distant places. It is at a slower pace here and slowing stuff will be revealed from time to time in a form of flashback. There is some moment that will not make sense but give it time it will come together in the end. The characters have such fluidity that it flow from on scene to the next beautifully well. Those 8 characters are being hunted while there are being watched over by a psychic guardian-stalker named Jonas (Naveen Andrews). The series has a widely range of characters of different culture. I can’t wait for season 2.


sense8 (2005-  )


BABYLON 5 (1994 – 1998)



Creator : J. Michael Straczynski.

Cast : Jerry DoyleMira FurlanRichard Biggs.

In the year 2258, it is ten years after the Earth-Minbari War. Commander Sinclair takes command of a  five-mile-long cylindrical space station, providing a place where peace can be worked out between the alien races. It is also a trade station. It attracts aliens of any kind and it attracts trouble. Some is truing to smuggle something on it , some kind of weapons, contraband etc ….and an ancient enemy are rebuilding forces.

Great series and I was hooked from the beginning. It lasted 5 years and the CGI were great at the time. They were getting better at it with them. The first season you see how the station is running and what kind a toile they are getting into. also you will learn about the different races and cultures. Later on they will introduce a new captain. My hats to the set designer who did a great job on this thing as well as the costume designer. Ranked #13 in TV Guide’s list of the “25 Top Cult Shows Ever!” (30 May 2004 issue).