DEAD SET (2008)

dead set

Creator: Charlie Brooker

Cast: Jaime Winstone, Andy Nyman, Riz Ahmed.

On the set on the television set of Big Brother it is elimination night, but something is going on something strange. The dead are coming alive and are eating the living. When zombies attacks the audience outside the Big Brother contestant are being clueless what is going on until the show’s runner, Kelly, comes into the house and warns them of the doom outside. stuck in less space and very no contact from the outside world. They must go outside to find supplies and food.

Here is British mini-series from Charlie Brooker and it is awesome, I must say genius. Now He said he was going to do more in 2013 and it didn’t happen that I know of and I am glad he should leave it like that. Like I said it has an ending that is genius. It is bloody as hell and gory  the horror fans will not be disappointed I guarantee you. now the zombie in any movie moves slow so killing them or getting away from them but in this series the move as fast as a human being so it is not easy to get away from them but  you still have to shoot them in the head to kill them. That makes things a little interesting now. First the Big Bother reality show was a great idea. it manages to create an authentic mood of apocalyptic distress, with the collapse of society. The actor delivered the best performance and the writers as done a great job. Brilliant series bu Charlie Brooler.