PROFILER (1996 – 2000)


Creator: Cynthia Saunders.

Cast: Ally Walker, Julian McMahon, A Martinez. 

Ally Walker (Dr. Sam Waters) , a detective with the Violent Crimes Task Force, a federal agency which often works with the FBI, ATF, and other crime-solving agencies. The VCTF investigates and solves such brutal crimes, and continually chases a serial killer man known anonymously as Jack, who has haunted Dr. Waters for years. 

Here is an other intelligent show. Profiler started it all it became years later Criminal mind witch is doing fine. Now back then there was the is series when I first saw it I was hooked. Ally Walker was great and beautiful she portrait her character dead on the money a strong woman who knew her job wiry well. She left the show ( I don’t even known the reason why) but got replaced by Jaimie Luner, changing lead’s often result in a lessening of the quality of a series but not really sometimes, I was sorry that Walker left the show but when lunar came up she portrait her character differently stereotyping it unfortunately. Samantha had a with sense which I loved. the other characters are the sarcastic forensic Grace (Roma Maffia) the friendly, in-control and always know what to do Bailey (Robert Davi) and George (Peter Frechette) and of course John (Julian McMahon).


Profiler 2



NIP/TUCK (2003 – 2010)


Creator: Ryan Murphy.

Cast: Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon, Joely Richardson. 

Sean McNamara and Christian Troy are two plastic surgeons running a partnership in Miami, Florida with views on life. Sean is plunging into his work because coming home to a needy wife, a rebellious son Matt and a daughter Annie doesn’t sound good to him. Christian is slick arrogant squirt chaser worship wine, women and money and he will do anything to get them.

Here is a series that is addictive, disturbing, and entertaining and I loved it. It start with 2 plastic surgeon who is starting a business everything is good and life is good. Later on during the seasons it escalate to where Sean and his dysfunctional family is getting more dysfunctional. while Christian is addicted to money, and sex and his life style is getting expensive although in the end is going to be along. Then they are some criminal who want his face redone so the police does not recognize him. The series broke new ground. Then there is the new technique that comes into play because that will bring more clients as Christian loves because he sees more money. This series has a supply of really shocker like talking cadaver heads, absurd casual sex, threesomes, amputations, transvestites, heroine smuggled in breast implants, sex dolls, conjoined twins and some Nazis thrown in for good measure. Buckle up and hold on for a hellish ride. Have fun.