THE TEAM (2015 – )

the team

Cast: Lars Mikkelsen, Jasmin Gerat, Veerle Baetens

Three women, three countries, but a common sequence of events – all the victims was shot through the left eye and a finger away. But why? Who had it in for the prostitutes? An international team of investigators consisting of the Dane Bjørn Harald (Lars Mikkelsen), Deutsche Jackie Müller (Jasmin Great) and the Belgian Alicia Verbeeck (Veerle Baetens) to jointly bring light into the darkness and catch the murderer. A first track leads you to the Belgian journalist Jean-Louis Poquelin (Nicholas Ofczarek), who was six years earlier accused for a very similar crime. But the Lithuanian billionaire Marius Loukauskis (Nicholas Ofczarek) seems somehow plunge in the matter. 

Here is a nice crime drama series that has been copy from the on in France called crossing lines.The series follows a number of national police agencies, working through the framework of EUROPOL, to attempt to solve a series of cross-border murders. Like I said they copy on each other but the crime is different here. It takes us in 3 different countries so far. Only 2 episodes as been shown here so I decided to review this one now It still looks good plus I love the fact it is in Sweden, and Germany  I get to see other countries. It is a bizarre crime that they stubble one and they tried to make do with what they have plus they use the high-tech gear that they have to catch the criminal. Another Crime drama of 8 episodes yes there will be season 2 and they’re will be a third season in the works. I will put more as soon as I see more episodes.



THE KILLING (2007 – 2012)



Creator : Søren Sveistrup. 

Cast ; Sofie Gråbøl, Morten Suurballe, Lars Mikkelsen. 

The brutal murder of a young girl starts an extended police investigation. Detective Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl)  supposed to leave for a new life in Sweden, but her superior tells her to stay a little longer to show the rope to her replacement. The girl’s parents and friends struggle to cope with their loss.Troels Hartmann (Lars Mikkelsen) is campaigning to be mayor of Copenhagen, but struggles when links are revealed between city hall and the murder. To make matters worst the car that he rented was found in the lake with a body in it.

Here is a great series. Like I said before other country are copying each other There is the same series in the U.S. of the same title. Now the one go the U.S I saw the first season of it and no only they copied it but they also copied some of the frames of it. Anyway This series takes you on this gruesome murder one day at the time. There is pressure from the police to have the mayor not reveal anything about it until the police gets more information on their investigation. The parents who are trying to find answers and to cope with the loss. It has a realism to it . Once they have a suspect they find on other one and so on. It is a no win situation. It is like you are watching real detective at work. The series in very addicting . It has only 3 seasons but it is so damn good.







Cast: Laura Bach, Jakob Cedergren, Lars Mikkelsen.
About the hunt for a type of violent criminal who has yet to strike in Denmark, and who is surrounded by fear and mystique – the serial killer.
2 cops on in service The other not work together to solve crimes from serial killers. Interesting series is great I love it to death. It takes off with some out of this world crimes cases, They will explain how a serial killer think and how to catch one. One cop who got out of the force because he follows a hunch is not well like by the others comrades but somehow He ends up solving the murders and catching the killer. He gets under the skin of the killer. He always works with the other female cop who think he is a genius at it. If you can get a hold of the series back in the states watch it is good.