DAMNATION (2017- )


Creator: Tony Tost

Cast: Logan Marshall-Green, Killian Scott, Sarah Jones

During the Great Depression, a stranger with a violent past is a pastor and pushes farmers to strike in an Iowa campaign.

Damnation’ focuses on some historical events in the United States during the decade of the 1930s. The industrial revolution is at its highest peak, but when the 1930 arrived and the depression sets in it is all going to hell. Of course greed will set in and violence will rise, people pout of jobs does not fly to well with them. Everyone survives their own way. Sam Davenport, a preacher, is in this town where chaos is going to reign. He is trying to find a medium between the banks their customers and the farmers, you see the banks exploit them. The writers here has told the story like supposedly it was back in the 30’s of what they can recollect. Also The farmers are striking because the price-fixing makes it impossible for them to pay back the loans on their homes, allowing the bank to profit on their foreclosures. Amelia (Sarah Jones) here is to believe is the wife of the preacher and a tough one at that at least she can handle her own and guns, well she can shoot. Steth here has a past we know that because of some flashback and his wife is wondering about it. Of course you have the sheriff Creeley Turner (Logan Marshall-Green) who is going to great length to satisfy his employer’s demand.  The drama is well crafted here and it is holding but USA did get the rating that they wanted and I have heard that they canceled the series but Netflix might pick it up. I hope so.


Damnation - Season 1


QUARRY (2016 – )


Creators: Michael D. Fuller, Graham Gordy

Cast: Logan Marshall-Green, Jodi Balfour, Damon Herriman, Peter Mullan

Cinemax here has done it again“Quarry” is torrid  pulp storytelling and sweaty  with original flavour, and yes it is fun as hell.

Quarry is the nickname of the story’s antihero, who just returned from Vietnam  named Mac Conway (Logan Marshall-Green) who was implicated in a My Lai-like massacre. Spit on by protesters at the Memphis airport, rejected by his father and unable to find a job, he somehow  finds himself working as a hit man for a mysterious boss called the Broker (Peter Mullan). The series is based on a series of novels by Max Allan Collins. The director Greg Yaitanes’s artfully composed Southern landscapes to go with the violence and his characters. The series gets just a little while to get started and then let the sex, gunfight, fist fight, couples fighting and bullet flying begin. The series fits the bill with PTSD-themed, post-Vietnam crime dramas and does it works here. It is well written as well as the costume with the cars and the scenery are as near perfect as it can be. And yes there is an explosive ending where you are going to say what the f–k! awesome. Is there an other season I do not know if there is please let me know.



DARK BLUE (2009 – 2010)

Dark Blue (2009–2010)

Creators: Danny Cannon, Doug Jung

Cast: Dylan McDermott, Omari Hardwick, Logan Marshall-Green 

Dark Blue is a cop drama set in the shadows of law enforcement  Dylan McDermott who plays a cop who is ahead of they deep under cover unit that does not exist officially. The team is made up with Ty Curtis (Omar hardwick) who is married and struggling with his wife because of his job among other thins, dean Bendis (Logan Marshall-Green) who plays the loose cannon, basically he is a wild card here. Jaimie Allen (Nicki Aycox) who has problems of her own with a boyfriend who does not want her doing this job if I recall well.

Here is a terrific series that lasted 2 years I got into it and suddenly it is of the air not enough people watching. There were romance between the 2 cops here  plus Lt Carter (Dylan McDermott) is going trough a divorce to top it all off. The show was moving just fine and you got to know the characters as the story went on. They went deep under cover and had each other’s back. It has a gritty thriller experience feel to it that makes it special to me if was not like the other stylish and predictable.It had a dark side it. At least there is 2 seasons to it that you can enjoy.



Dark Blue (2009–2010)

'A Shot In The Dark' Nicki Aycox as Jaimie Allen holding drink, with Dylan McDermott as Lt. Carter Shaw pouring drinks for Logan Marshall-Green as Dean Bendis and Omar Hardwick as Ty Curtis. Licensed by CHANNEL 5 BROADCASTING. Five Stills: 0207 550 5509.  Free for editorial press and listings use in connection with the current broadcast of Channel 5 programmes only.  This Image may only be reproduced with the prior written consent of Channel 5.  Not for any form of advertising, internet use or in connection with the sale of any product.