FRIENDS (1994 – 2004)



Creators: David Crane, Marta Kauffman

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow

Joey (Matt LeBlanc), the aspiring actor who is little  clueless about the real world, Chandler, (Matthew Perry), the sarcastic dude, Ross (David Schwimmer), a paleontologist who just found out that his wife is a lesbian and is pregnant with their child, Monica (Courtney Cox), Ross’s sister and an aspiring chef who is also compulsively clean, Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), a singer/masseuse who is spaying karma all over the place , and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), the spoiled rich girl who just left her fiance at the alter and moves to Manhattan to start life on her own. How is the for a bunch of friends.

The series center on those friends and their lives in New York. Ho! by the way there all the black people in New York that is the thing most of the series took place with those friends who made relationship along the way but one in a great while you will a black woman, or asian, and so on. If you are in New York well there is a mixed of people there I now that on I went to New York there is a little flaw in the series. And there were the crushes on each other plus the dating and the other stuff that went on in their life. The writing and acting is amazing plus the actors has chemistry big time. It is one of the best sitcom beside Seinfeld and the longest running.


friends s03 e09

GRACE & FRANKIE (2015 – )

Grace and Frankie (2015– )

Creators: Marta Kauffman, Howard J. Morris

Cast: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterston

This series is on Netflix  and it is a senior series as I call it but it is really for all ages because this one does not fell old and out of date. It is funny and even touching, I do not want to give it away just in case you did not see It. The premise is simple. Two couple goes out to dinner they known each other for years and the husbands has an announcement to make which all hell will break loose after that. 

Jane Fonda and lily Tomlin together finally is a god sent here. They are perfect for each other. Fonda plays a retired cosmetic executive who has a certain fragility and vulnerability. she lives  in a constant state of glacial perfection. while Lily is this woman still stuck in the 70’s and has this free-spirited mind. She is a painter who teaches art to con artist. They wind up living together and that is call for some doing on both part. Grace and Frankie has to pick up the pieces and move on with their life. The children are in shock too and can not believe this is going on. as the episode go along the series gets better and better. It is 13 episode of 35 minutes and it is shot like a film. Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen are perfect for one an other great acting there. It is addictive and you will find out that they have dysfunctional family as well. Martin Sheen plays a divorce lawyer how ironic is that. Grace and Frankie is smartly written and funny. It is quality TV here big time. It is a bit predictable but who cares enjoy the ride and have fun with it.

Grace and Frankie (2015– )


DREAM ON (1990 – 1996)

I remember seeing this series in 1990 and I was hooked right a way.  The coolest series ever . It was on HBO at the time and became a cult series.
Cult adult comedy about dreamer Martin Tupper, whose life is full of colorful characters. Divorced and living with his growing teenage son, still friends with his ex-wife, and constantly looking for dates, but without a clue how to relate to women. Working as a book editor, with a ditsy, headstrong secretary, who cramps his style as often as helping him. The series is crammed full of hundreds of clips from all manner of old films, used as metaphors for Martin’s reactions (hence the title); and it is renowned for its use of sexual references, plus, in its early seasons, occasional swearing and numerous scenes of nudity. Martin is a serial dater in a way. he still trying to figure women. He wants a steady relationship with one but no cigar. A great comedy from HBO at the time. Still is.