MIAMI VICE (1984 – 1990)



Creators : Anthony Yerkovich.

Cast : Don JohnsonPhilip Michael ThomasSaundra Santiago

Detective Crockett lived in a sailboat guarded by his alligator Elvis. His partner Tubbs was a black New York cop looking for his brother’s killer. Together they took on the Florida drug world.

I remember this series back in the 80’s. I saw the 2 hours pilot and said to myself here is a hit series and I was right. iloved the show, the car the cast was right, the trendy music and the unusual guests . The show had a pastel color to it and there were the occasional great shot of sunset. This was of of a hell of a pop culture cult series. The series was practically a who’s who for guest-stars. Some were already well known like Pam Grier, Don King, Rita Moreno, Dean Stockwell, Richard Belzer. Also the series, they also made guest-appearances along with others such as Ted Nugent, Isaac Hayes, John Taylor (from Duran Duran), and Gene Simmons. Of course they were the actors who long before the became stars had a role in the series Steve Buscemi, Dylan Baker, John Leguizamo, David Strathairn, Jeff Fahey, Kyra Sedgwick, Dennis Farina, Luis Guzman, Ving Rhames, Joan Chen, Nathan Lane, Ian McShane, Tony Sirico, Chris Elliot, Mykelti Williamson, Bruce Willis, Wesley Snipes, John Turturro, Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, and two-time Mrs. Don Johnson, Melanie Griffith. it was produced by Michael Mann.