CHERIF (2013 – )


Creators: Lionel Olenga, Laurent Scalese, Stéphane Drouet

Cast: Abdelhafid Metalsi, Carole Bianic, Mélèze Bouzid

Kader Sheriff loves his job. He is a detective in the city of Lyon France. He loves his job so much that he lives across the street. He is an unorthodox detective. He interrogate the victim in his home serving tea so they don’t stress too much as he says. He has a new partner coming in. He is also divorced and has one 15 years old daughter he share custody with his wife. He drives a 504 Peugeot super sport 1984. And as he says his training is to watch series like Starchy and Hutch, Kojack etc…..

Here is a series with humor light heated fun to watch. It is on Netflix in Europe. Here is a new partner coming in and Cherif is trying to break the ice but Adeline Briard (Carole Leblanc) won’t have it well not yet anyway. His daughter is getting him a hard time and it is not easy to raise a kid when you are a cop. The thing is with that series it is shot in Lyon and I get to see the city from time to time. Basically it is you typical series solving crime but it is done with humor on the light side. A show that all the family can watch. Adeline has a closet in her skeleton and Cherif is trying to warm up to her. The first season is just what the doctor ordered. What I like about this that you see in Cherif’s office you will see a poster of the film Shaft. He is a big fan of the cop American series as well as American police thrillers.



LINE OF DUTY (2012 – )


Creator:Jed Mercurio

Cast: Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar 

After a deadly mishap gets him out from the anti-terrorism unit, Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) is given a second chance in a London-based anti-corruption squad. Arnott is assigned to dig into the life of Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates (Lennie James), a great  cop who closes cases after cases.

Here is a great police show from Britain. It has a realistic look and makes you fell that you are watching real cops in action. It is across a police drama / Thriller. It is the cat and mouse game between James gates and Arnott, Compston and is moving at a fast paced. James is a great cop, he is closing a lot cases as he calls them” sexy cases”. I can’t say too much here to fear that some of you didn’t see this series yet. Amott is still haunted of what happen at the counter terrorist unit. Each episode ends in a cliffhanger and you will get hooked on seeing the next one. There is great chemistry and acting here. The police jargon holds up as well as the tension throughout the series. They do not mess around here. Of course there are the usual twist and turns. Overall I love it and like.

line of dudy (2012)



PROFILER (1996 – 2000)


Creator: Cynthia Saunders.

Cast: Ally Walker, Julian McMahon, A Martinez. 

Ally Walker (Dr. Sam Waters) , a detective with the Violent Crimes Task Force, a federal agency which often works with the FBI, ATF, and other crime-solving agencies. The VCTF investigates and solves such brutal crimes, and continually chases a serial killer man known anonymously as Jack, who has haunted Dr. Waters for years. 

Here is an other intelligent show. Profiler started it all it became years later Criminal mind witch is doing fine. Now back then there was the is series when I first saw it I was hooked. Ally Walker was great and beautiful she portrait her character dead on the money a strong woman who knew her job wiry well. She left the show ( I don’t even known the reason why) but got replaced by Jaimie Luner, changing lead’s often result in a lessening of the quality of a series but not really sometimes, I was sorry that Walker left the show but when lunar came up she portrait her character differently stereotyping it unfortunately. Samantha had a with sense which I loved. the other characters are the sarcastic forensic Grace (Roma Maffia) the friendly, in-control and always know what to do Bailey (Robert Davi) and George (Peter Frechette) and of course John (Julian McMahon).


Profiler 2


IRONSIDE (1967 – 1975)


Creator:  Collier Young.

Cast: Raymond Burr, Don Galloway, Don Mitchell. 

Ironside (Raymond Burr)  is confined to a wheel chair an attempted assassination left him paralyzed while on vacation. Ironside is hired by Commissioner Dennis Randall (Gene Lyons) as a special consultant to the department. Working out of a remodeled apartment inside police headquarters, he investigates crimes with the help of two bright young officers (Don Galloway and Barbara Anderson) and an ex-con (Don Mitchell).

I remember this series bcd in the day, I caught  it on the reruns and it was one of great smart show on TV back then. It was a good old-fashion show, they did not have topic like child molestation and such on the show. When  issues like racism and prejudice were addressed, the issues were handled with realism, maturity. The series was done in a real time frame with real police work like real cases. It shows how the U.S. system works. As far as I know Ironside was the first crime drama series to show a person who had a disability. The music was from Quincy Jones, that was cool. Raymond Burr Is this genius actor who became Ironside as soon as the camera started rolling. They don’t make those anymore.



THE KILLING (2007 – 2012)



Creator : Søren Sveistrup. 

Cast ; Sofie Gråbøl, Morten Suurballe, Lars Mikkelsen. 

The brutal murder of a young girl starts an extended police investigation. Detective Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl)  supposed to leave for a new life in Sweden, but her superior tells her to stay a little longer to show the rope to her replacement. The girl’s parents and friends struggle to cope with their loss.Troels Hartmann (Lars Mikkelsen) is campaigning to be mayor of Copenhagen, but struggles when links are revealed between city hall and the murder. To make matters worst the car that he rented was found in the lake with a body in it.

Here is a great series. Like I said before other country are copying each other There is the same series in the U.S. of the same title. Now the one go the U.S I saw the first season of it and no only they copied it but they also copied some of the frames of it. Anyway This series takes you on this gruesome murder one day at the time. There is pressure from the police to have the mayor not reveal anything about it until the police gets more information on their investigation. The parents who are trying to find answers and to cope with the loss. It has a realism to it . Once they have a suspect they find on other one and so on. It is a no win situation. It is like you are watching real detective at work. The series in very addicting . It has only 3 seasons but it is so damn good.






DCI BANKS (2010 – )




Creator : Peter Robinson.

Cast : Stephen TompkinsonJack DeamAndrea Lowe

Alan Banks, a commissioner  repulsed by the darkness of humanity is first seen with the DS Annie Cabbot. Venue Service Inspection Services (Professional Standards Department) Cabbot integrate the team of  Banks, young, blonde and beautiful, she is ambitious and unscrupulous Banks and Annie are on the verge of having an intimate relationship but  falls into the arms of a broker tables will prove to be a forger.

The series is from a series of book about a detective called Banks form the author Peter Robinson. The dories are quite good here and easy to follow. they go through the investigation little by little without revealing too much. The cinematography is quite good I have been to England many times it is nice to see it in the series. In every police drama those days rents to be on the realistic side. It a bit prectiable but still good, I have watch too many shows and movie it is hard to be surprise those  days. Banks is a little cocky , stubborn ,and a great detective. He does go by the book and never gets caught. The thing is that the character of Banks in TV is different that the one on the books some fans felt betrayed, but Robinson thinks he he perfect for the job, that Tompkinson has incarcerated the character very well and annie is a brunette but the actress is a blonde really that does not matter. Overall it is a great series.



Scarlett Patterson, Stephen Tompkinson


DRAGNET (1967 – 1970)

Creator:  Jack Webb

Cast :  Jack WebbHarry MorganDon Ross

The classic police drama is updated for the 1960s. No-nonsense Sgt. Joe Friday and his partner, Officer Bill Gannon, tackle traditional police cases and face new challenges such as LSD, race riots, and public service TV shows.

I saw that one too but not all episode. And it was still a cool series. Din’t last as long as the other one unfortunately. Jack Webb had intended to do another revival of the series in 1982. However, because of Harry Morgan’s commitments to both M*A*S*H and its spin-off After MASH he didn’t sign on for the proposed remake. Webb then decided to cast Kent McCord in the role of Friday’s new partner; either as “Jim Reed” (the character McCord played on Adam-12) or as a new character altogether. Unfortunately, those plans never came to fruition due to Webb’s passing due to a massive heart attack in December 1982. Episodes from this series were used as training tools by the real-life LAPD.Jack Webb would pay $25 to any officer who submitted a story that was used for an episode plot. Friday’s badge number (seen at the beginning and end of each episode) is 714. Badge 714 belonged to Sgt. Dan Cooke, the technical advisor. The badge has been retired and displayed at the LAPD Academy’s Museum.

ENGRENAGES (2005 – )


Creators: Alexandra ClertGuy-Patrick Sainderichin

Cast: Fred BianconiCaroline ProustPhilippe Duclos.

English title: Spiral.

Follows criminal investigations in Paris from all the different points of view of a criminal investigation. In the U.S. there were a series called Boom Town which ran a year before it got canceled. Well I am glad that The french  that the french copy that one because it is awesome. And a great cast at that. My hat goes to the writers for accelerating this one at a nice pasted. I am at season 3 and it is so good. It is shot in Paris where I leave now and I am glad to see there is some series that is doing great like that one. It is a gripping series with a series of complicated plot that works well together. You can see that there is political corruption as well as police corruption .The French system, judges, magistrates, and prosecutors work side by side with the detectives on a daily  basis. You have corrupt lawyers, Prosecutors, as well as the mayor and the police. The murders are brutal and horrific  an bloody as hell and you say Ho! my god this is going to be a serial killer that they have on their hand. There is twist and turn in the stories as well.  The assemble cast is extremely talented and have chemistry. There is never a dull moment in this series.




HILLS STREET BLUES (1981 – 1987)


Creators: Steven BochcoMichael Kozoll.

Cast: Daniel J. TravantiTaurean BlacqueBruce Weitz

The lives of the overworked, overstressed police officers in Chicago. We follow the lives of many characters, from the lowly beat and traffic cops to the captain of the precinct himself. It has al documentary feel to it. An Brilliant ensemble cast as well as writers and casting director. It is a ground breaking series from Steven Brocco.  It is a gruesome realistic look at the inner city of Chicago. The series as I recalled started with the roll call and the bitching, and joking around of the police officers. The great thing about it sometimes like the other series the crime was solved every week, in this one it was not solved in a week it took a little longer to solved it would surface in later episode. There were a little bit of every thing in it Corruption, murder, rape etc…… If you haven’t see it yet I’m sure that next flux has it you’ll enjoy that one.


Hillstreet Blues 02




LUTHER (2010 – )


Creators: Neil Cross

Cast: Idris ElbaWarren BrownDermot Crowley

A crime drama series starring Idris Elba as a near-genius murder detective whose brilliant mind can’t always save him from the dangerous violence of his passions.
Luther (Idris Elba) is a Detective Inspector in a Special Crimes Unit who has just returned to work after having recently recovered from a mental breakdown due to pressures of a marriage break up and over commitment to his job. He is this great detective who solve crime in a unorthodox way. There is also the relationship with his ex-wife that he is not willing to understand that she wants to move on. I do not want to say too much to fear that you din’t see the series yet. Idris Elba who was in the series the wire is doing an excellent acting job in this one also. One of the more interesting back stories is the role of Alice Morgan, a psychopath who is a murderer  (played brilliantly by Ruth Wilson) who gives Luther chilling insight into the minds of his suspects . She is attracted to John and want to draw him into his passion even more.  John is seeing this and he is resisting it, it leaves the audience on edge. I recommend this series I have it in my collection and it is addictive and it will leave you wanting more.