OUTCAST (2016 – )


Creator: Robert Kirkman

Cast: Patrick Fugit, Callie Brook McClincy, Madeleine McGraw

Robert Kirkman is the horror story-teller and has proven it with the walking dead the series that I love and so well written here. So now Kirkman here is second comic series The Outcast delivers the horror fans loves so much.


Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit)  was abused as a child and has been plagued by demons ever since.They destroyed his mother (Julia Crockett) and his marriage. Now Kyle comes back to the house of his childhood in the same down that the demons killed his marriage his wife thought he was hurting his daughter. Now Kyle can not go near her daughter but he feels he has to protect her. And what is this evil force that is going to get him?

His sister, Megan (Wrenn Schmidt) brings him groceries and attempts to engage him, even as her husband, Mark (David Denman) does not trust him around his niece. Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) his helping him exorcise his  demons. Of course there is a police chief in the mix to stir things up.is  something is going on in the town and the reverend and Kyle are going to find out well that hell is going to break loose. Then series works here with a cliff hanger at he end of season one.