VEGA$ (1978 – 1981)


Creator: Michael Mann

Cast: Robert Urich, Bart Braverman, Phyllis Davis

Dan Tanna (Robert Urich.) is a private detective in Las Vegas. Assisted by his  sidekick Bobby “Binzer” Borso (Bart Braverman), bubbly  secretary Beatrice Travis (Phyllis Davis), and best friend, police detective Lt. David Nelson (Greg Morris); Tanna solves mysteries so skillfully that he’s considered the best private eye in Las Vegas.

Here is a cool series that I used to watched In the late 70’s see Dab Tanna si in Las vegas of course and he is a private detective who drives a thunderbird convertible. Now he lives in a fire station who is not longer in use. If I remember well Wayne Newton (Mr. Las vegas himself) has done an appearance of two in this series. You will have scandalous crime od all sorts and beautiful people running around. Plenty of car chases. Of course you have your usual showgirls and gamblers losers and winners. It is not too bad for a series, the acting is not either. I watched all the seasons and had a good time after all. 1978, where breakfast will set you back .99 cents, gas is .58 cents a gallon that was the good old days. Of course Dan is a bachelor and had his share of women. I think you should take a look at this one if you can find it on Netflix. Unfortunately Robert Urich passed away on april of 2002 of cancer.Aaron Spelling’s writers based “Dan Tanna” on long time Las Vegas detective Eddie La Rue, who still has an agency in Las Vegas as of November 2008.




SPENCER FOR HIRE (1985 – 1988)

Creator : John Wilder

Cast:  Robert UrichAvery BrooksRon McLarty

Mystery/suspense series based on Robert Parker’s “Spenser” novels. Spenser, a private investigator living in Boston, gets involved in a new murder mystery each episode. Using his years of experience, his natural talents for observation and reasoning, and the occasional bit of help from his friend Hawk, Spenser never fails to crack the case.
Here is a smart series that lasted 3 years only Why I do not know. During season one, Spenser lived in an abandoned firehouse just off Charles Street, but filming there proved difficult and the BFD reclaimed the site at the end of the season. For seasons two and three, Spenser lived on the top floor of an old Charlestown apartment, at the base of Bunker Hill, the interiors of which were shot at the FilmWorks Studios in Brighton, Mass. Some episodes, especially within season 1, had strong, intriguing plot twists that kept my interest. Give a try to this one. Enjoy.