counterpart (2017 - )2

Creator: Justin Marks

Cast: J.K. Simmons, Olivia Williams, Harry Lloyd  

Howard Silk, a modest employee, discovers in spite of himself that the agency for which he works is only a facade. When the existence of a portal, leading to a parallel dimension, with another version of itself, is revealed to him, a new and dangerous world opens up to him. He still does not know how much his life will be turned upside down…

Here is a series that is worth looking at. Counterpart here is a mystery / Thriller / espionage And a cold war fell to it. Of course there is the cat and the mouse game no surprise there and danger at every corner and the fact that the characters does not know who to trust. It has a sci-fi feel to it that makes it a little jewel of a series. You will be hooked as soon as you see the first episode. It is interesting because you will see two world different from each other. And what is their supposedly double are doing on the other side? .K. Simmons (Whiplash, Spiderman) is brilliant in both version and so is the ensemble cast. It is taking place in Berlin but I don’t know if it is shot really there. PLus the actors plays a different role in a different setting, it is nice to see how talented they are. Counterpart is an Original idea that works well and intelligently written. Trust me you will not be disappointed in the climatic season finale nor the second season.

counterpart (2017 - )



CONDOR (2018 -)


Creators Todd Katzberg, Ken Robinson, Jason Smilovic

Cast: Max Irons, William Hurt, Leem Lubany 

Joe Turner a CIA coding analyst while outside with one of his co-worker taking a break gets an inch of his life by almost getting killed at the office. All his co-workers are dead and his has to outwit those responsible until he figures out who he can really trust.

Ok the series is based on the film Three days of the condor. But it is on today’s turf with the computers and cell phone well you get the point. Joe has created a computer program that helps identify terrorists prior to them committing violent acts. When his station is attacked Joe who is the only survivor will have to find out while on the run who is responsible and who he can trust. Maybe his program was used for something else something evil. Brendan Fraser who have not seen him for years here has returned in this series and what a great role he has. Also you will find a terrific cast like William Hurt, Bob Balaban and Mira Sorvino. But the thing is who is lying and who is not, who to trust. Yes there are twists and turn which it be expected. It is a bit formulaic and stylish but it works here for now. It can be addictive but there are a bunch of spy thriller Australian series and polish series that are on Netflix also. It looks like the network are going this direction.

condor 2

condor 3



Creator: Eric Rochant

Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Sara Giraudeau, Jean-Pierre Darroussin

Four months have passed within the DGSE. Guillaume Debailly (alias Malotru), promoted to deputy director of the Bureau des Légendes, became a double agent on behalf of the CIA. Under cover of psychoanalysis sessions, he delivers to the doctor, his contact agent at the CIA, the information he gathered weekly. In exchange, Malotru expects the Americans to release the woman he loves, Nadia, imprisoned by the Syrians somewhere in the world. On the other hand, as Loiseau starts her delicate and dangerous underground mission in Iran, the DGSE is confronted with a new crisis: a jihad, now an officer of Daech, publicly harasses France in a bloodthirsty way.

le bureau des légendes saison 2

The first season of the Bureau des Légendes had seduced us last year by its authenticity, its realism and the inclination of Eric Rochant to continue to dig further into the  universe of espionage and intelligence that ” He has known so well since his films Les Patriotes and Möbius. The first season however took place in Paris When Malotru comes back in Paris. Eric introduce us with the characters and such. The stories are purely fictional but of what is going on today. The second season however is that the agents on the field. Nadia who trained to be an agent is going to be in Iran to work in a company well that is her cover. The talented Sara Giraudeau assumes the role beautifully well here as wells the other actors Camille de Castelnau, Cécile Ducrocq, Hippolyte Girardot, Raphael Chevènement, Antonin Martin. The narrative intersect with intelligence, participating in the immersion in this new season which is proving exciting. These new episodes embrace, moreover, the actuality with a realism that will put a chill thought your back, taking as background the narratives evoking both the Syrian conflict and the Islamic radicalism. Mathieu Kassovitz and Jean-Pierre Darroussin recover their characters with greediness and engage in this duel of cat and the mouse game, the two actors seeming to savour their acting by bringing more nuances to  their characters that one might have thought immovable. Over all a terrific second season that went up a notch big time and yes there is a season 3. Season 3 will be the final chapter like a trilogies than Rochant I think is going to put new character for season 4 that will start a new chapter.



Le Bureau des Légendes (2015– )

Creator: Eric Rochant

Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Sara Giraudeau

At the heart of the General Directorate for External Security (DGSE), a department called the Office of legends (BDL) manages the  “illegal”, the most important agents of foreign intelligence services of the French. They are integrated in countries, their mission is to identify people who may be recruited as sources of information. Operating in the shadows, “as legend”, that is to say in a fabricated identity from scratch, they live for many years in a permanent concealment. Guillaume Debailly (Mathieu Kassovitz) returned from a clandestine mission six years in Syria, but contrary to safety rules, it does not seem to have abandoned his legend and identity under which he lived in Damascus.

I could wait to see that one and when I finished seeing it I can’t wait for season 2 They say it is possibly in the works not sure yet. I will keep you posted. Terrific series here worth the look I love the fact it is a spy / thriller kind of thing. Debailly code name Malotru who comes back from a mission has a hard time disconnecting of hi other identity because he fell in love with a married woman. The first rule they teach you is not to connect with anyone, he broke the first rule. The thing is that Debailly is so good at maculate the truth that he will make you believe anything without trying. When they are n the mission the have to report their assigned contact in the bureau, the one that train them. Then the first thing they ask him to do is to try to find a lost agent in the middle east, he got drunk one day and the police put him in jail but he did not get out. To top int all off he has to under go a debriefing and a psychological evaluation and train a new recruit who is going to go on a mission. You see they are allowed by their own people for a while to see if he does not do any mistake to see if he adjust to his new life because being some one else for 6 years can get to you. The script is nicely put together by Eric Rochant who directed the entire series. It is intelligently written and well thought out; The case could be more perfect some actors that I recognized some that I am seeing for the first time. The chemistry is there. You can’t wait for an other episode it is addictive as hell. Now I can’t wait for season 2 if there will be one.



Le Bureau des Légendes (2015– )

Mathieu Kassovitz (Malotru)

Mathieu Kassovitz (Malotru)

FEMMING (2014)


Cast: Dominic Cooper, Lara Pulver, Samuel West

It is the life of Ian Fleming the man who wrote the series of James bond books.

Here is one for you the life of the womanizing, boozing, smoking Ian Fleming the man who would be famous for the James Bond Novels. He was a drunks man who loves to party and wound up with different women every night. he came from a rich family his father was a banker but he didn’t want to pursue the same life as his father. He was serving in the english military during war time. Fleming was great with women was a collector and spoke German and French fluently. He became an naval  intelligence officer this was his most productive period at the time. Fleming was closely like  Bond: Cocky, flippant, and ever so  cool. His very tolerant superior Admiral John Godfrey (coy Samuel West) and Godfrey’s assistant Second Officer Monday (Anna Chancellor) are Fleming’s versions of “M” and “Miss Moneypenny”. The filmmakers, clearly pushed these real-to-life closer to the fictionalized characters they inspired. So it is not boring for the audience. Fleming had an overpowering mother, Evelyn ( Lesley Manville) is like the Bond villain here. Manipulating events and relationships for the “benefit” of her son. A strong indicator to why Fleming would see to make Bond an orphan, clearly hating his mother and being almost powerless to stop her influence. Ian Fleming was best when he thought of creating solutions for other people. Fleming has a Bond very light  life, but for getting the audience interested and glue to their screen they spiced it up a bit.


Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond, 3 - Lara Pulver and Dominic Cooper

IT TAKES A THIEF (1968 – 1970)

It takes a thief

Creator: Roland Kibbee

Cast: Robert Wagner, Fred Astaire, Malachi Throne

The Secret Intelligence Agency (SIA) has sacrificed two of their best operatives, that dispatch case of extremely sensitive documents  in Lisbon. Big brass wants results now, well like yesterday.  so they hire a cat burglar released from prison and allowed to resume his glamorous, playboy lifestyle in exchange for accepting dangerous assignments for the U.S. government what to steal for the government.

This was the coolest show that came out in the late 60’s is now on DVD but the 3 seasons will run you $119 or so maybe a little less. I am waiting for a good deal. I saw that one on the rerun back in the 70’s I got hooked immediately. I think it was the last of the spy series that was ever made. In the §à’s there were a lot of spy series that I loved. The show was shot at the studio lot but the third season it was shot on location in Europe. Mundy is the main character who has a dad who is a thief also that’s how Mundy became one but his dad works for the government also. Petula clark, Nancy Sinatra, Susan Saint James, Bette Davis, Ida Lupino, Fernando Lamas, Paul Heinreid, and Joesph Cotten made guest appearances. Susan Saint James appeared in five episodes of the series if I recall correctly. Peter sellers was in one episode were he played an informant. Unfortunately it got canceled and run only 3 seasons This is a must see. If you can find it on Netflix I suggest to cheek it out.  The 60’s must be a cool era to be You come in at the office you have a secretary who will serve a scotch at 10:00 am you would have a cool car in the parking a cocktail in the afternoon at lunch plus it was the sexual revolution. I will leave you with this “Let me get this straight you want me to steal?”




it takes a thief


it takes a thief

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E (1964 – 1968)


Creator: Sam Rolfe.

Cast: Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Leo G. Carroll .

Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin are the two agents of the United Network Command for Law Enforcement, who fight the enemies of peace. Specially those of THRUSH. The Man From UNCLE (United Network Command for Law and Enforcement premiered) in 1964 based on the popularity of the James Bond movies. Since I am a fan of the bond film so I decided to see that one on the reruns, and I loved it. The gadgets (pens that acted as a radio to phone back at headquarters;an automobile with a built in machine gun and seat ejector) and the headquarters of the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement which were secretly hidden in a  complex in New York. Do I love gadgets. Robert Vaughn was a gentleman and a charming secret agent. Napoleon Solo and his Russian counter part lliya played by David McCallum. The chemistry between  the two actors is there big time. But later on the series went from black and white to color and I think that people didn’t like it in color because the show’s rating was going down. I still love the series to this day.