NYPD BLUES (1993 – 2005)



Creators: Steven BochcoDavid Milch.

Cast: Dennis FranzGordon ClappJames McDaniel

Andy Sipowicz and John Kelley (later replaced by Bobby Simone), and others  are the central characters in this  police drama. Andy is pissed off all the time racist and is not crazy about gays either. He went  through many partner since then and had prorate cancer on the top of that plus he was an alcoholic and goes to AA. I’ll say this character is pretty damage with baggage. Every week you see Sipowicz struggling with the job and battling bad guys.

I first saw the is series In 1993 I was hooked. I loved it it had a sense of reality to it. Andy went to 2 marriages had female partner one of her was battling alcohol ( even in real life) . He had a black boss which he was butting head with all the time.The detective squad of the 15th precinct had four heads, James McDaniel, Esai Morales, John O’Donahue, and Graham Currie. James McDaniel was Arthur Fancy and he had all the problems and frustrations of being a black man who rises in the NYPD. Basically most of the characters had baggage and it make the series interesting as well as the stories. there is David Carruso who left the first season because his character did not have a private life. He butted had with the creators so he left after season 1. Also the creator David Miltch got hooked on heroin and had to leave the show for a while.  It turned out a great show.




HILLS STREET BLUES (1981 – 1987)


Creators: Steven BochcoMichael Kozoll.

Cast: Daniel J. TravantiTaurean BlacqueBruce Weitz

The lives of the overworked, overstressed police officers in Chicago. We follow the lives of many characters, from the lowly beat and traffic cops to the captain of the precinct himself. It has al documentary feel to it. An Brilliant ensemble cast as well as writers and casting director. It is a ground breaking series from Steven Brocco.  It is a gruesome realistic look at the inner city of Chicago. The series as I recalled started with the roll call and the bitching, and joking around of the police officers. The great thing about it sometimes like the other series the crime was solved every week, in this one it was not solved in a week it took a little longer to solved it would surface in later episode. There were a little bit of every thing in it Corruption, murder, rape etc…… If you haven’t see it yet I’m sure that next flux has it you’ll enjoy that one.


Hillstreet Blues 02