LIAR (2017)


Creator: Harry Williams, Jack Williams

Cast: Joanne Froggatt, Ioan Gruffudd, Warren Brown

After going on a date with surgeon Andrew Earlham schoolteacher Laura Nielson accuses him of rape.

Here is a woman who goes on a date and the next morning is feeling that something is seriously wrong, she has this feeling she has been raped. Later she thinks that Andrew has put in something in her drink than rapped her. Here is a classic she said, he said on this touchy subject which is rape. The viewer has this view of a detective as the story unfold. One little flaw in the series in the third episode you will know who did it. What they should have done is let the story unfold where you will see both characters fight it out sort of speak, the reveal until the very end who did it. At first you go ok who is right and who is lying. On the top on that Laura will uncover secrets of others. The further she digs in the more she is going to piss off Andrew. The police even tells her let us do our job.

The drama is the grippy mystery with Joanne Froggatt is a powerhouse of an actress, while Ioan Gruffudd is superb and fits the bill perfectly well. This amount to some great drama / Crime / thriller with a cool musical score and great cinematography.


liar 2

LUTHER (2010 – )


Creators: Neil Cross

Cast: Idris ElbaWarren BrownDermot Crowley

A crime drama series starring Idris Elba as a near-genius murder detective whose brilliant mind can’t always save him from the dangerous violence of his passions.
Luther (Idris Elba) is a Detective Inspector in a Special Crimes Unit who has just returned to work after having recently recovered from a mental breakdown due to pressures of a marriage break up and over commitment to his job. He is this great detective who solve crime in a unorthodox way. There is also the relationship with his ex-wife that he is not willing to understand that she wants to move on. I do not want to say too much to fear that you din’t see the series yet. Idris Elba who was in the series the wire is doing an excellent acting job in this one also. One of the more interesting back stories is the role of Alice Morgan, a psychopath who is a murderer  (played brilliantly by Ruth Wilson) who gives Luther chilling insight into the minds of his suspects . She is attracted to John and want to draw him into his passion even more.  John is seeing this and he is resisting it, it leaves the audience on edge. I recommend this series I have it in my collection and it is addictive and it will leave you wanting more.