DAMNATION (2017- )


Creator: Tony Tost

Cast: Logan Marshall-Green, Killian Scott, Sarah Jones

During the Great Depression, a stranger with a violent past is a pastor and pushes farmers to strike in an Iowa campaign.

Damnation’ focuses on some historical events in the United States during the decade of the 1930s. The industrial revolution is at its highest peak, but when the 1930 arrived and the depression sets in it is all going to hell. Of course greed will set in and violence will rise, people pout of jobs does not fly to well with them. Everyone survives their own way. Sam Davenport, a preacher, is in this town where chaos is going to reign. He is trying to find a medium between the banks their customers and the farmers, you see the banks exploit them. The writers here has told the story like supposedly it was back in the 30’s of what they can recollect. Also The farmers are striking because the price-fixing makes it impossible for them to pay back the loans on their homes, allowing the bank to profit on their foreclosures. Amelia (Sarah Jones) here is to believe is the wife of the preacher and a tough one at that at least she can handle her own and guns, well she can shoot. Steth here has a past we know that because of some flashback and his wife is wondering about it. Of course you have the sheriff Creeley Turner (Logan Marshall-Green) who is going to great length to satisfy his employer’s demand.  The drama is well crafted here and it is holding but USA did get the rating that they wanted and I have heard that they canceled the series but Netflix might pick it up. I hope so.


Damnation - Season 1

RAWHIDE (1959 – 1965)











Casts : Clint Eastwood, Paul Brinegar and Steve Raines.

Rawhide was pretty big back in the day and while it might be easy to dismiss it five decades since it was originally started showing on CBS in 1959, the show lasted eight seasons and remembered to this day – and for good reason. Rawhide was a great show and it holds up well. One of those rare breed network shows to combine genuinely interesting and believable characters, exciting adventure, romance, action and suspense in a timeless setting: the old west.


Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) is a trail boss responsible for leading his group of cowboys from Texas to the northern states where they’re to drop off their herd. Gil is his right hand man, Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood), a tough guy (Yes you read right Clint Eastwood has gotten his start with the fine series), along with their crew, Gil and Rowdy encounter all manner of situations as their journey expands, from native indians, thieves, bandits, cons, along with friendships, romance and camaraderie. there were a few well more than a few guest appearances from Leslie Nielsen to Lon Chaney Jr. to Dick Van Patten to DeForest Kelly, among others! Supporting Clint and Eric Fleming, who is also excellent in his lead role, are Sheb Wooley as Pete Nolan, Paul Brinegar as Wishbone, Steve Raines as Jim Quince, Rocky Shahan as Joe Scarlett and James Murdock as Mushy Mushgrove. Some of you might be too young to know who they were or are but if you get a old of this series I strongly recommend it.


ZORRO (1957 – 1959)


Creator: Johnston McCulley

Cast: Guy Williams, Gene Sheldon, Henry Calvin

The reason I am putting this one in is that I was getting ready to watch a film to be reviewed for my other blog and on Channel 3 in France it is still re-runing to this day. I used to see it when I was about 14 years old and it has stopped since then it is still playing on TV, you got to be kidding me. So cool to revising this little jewel of a series.

There is this little town who has its problem and Zorro is here to fix it and catch the bad guys plus there is bad guys trying to catch Zorro to see who is behind the mask. After 58 years it is so good and it is quality family show from Disney. Guy Williams makes the perfect Zorro here they nailed it. Much of the series’ comic relief is supplied by Barnardo and Sgt. Garcia I always loved that guy he was the coolest thing so goofy at times but fun to watch. Of course let’s not forget Diego’s servant and the only one to know Zorro‘s true identity. Barnardo can’t speak and pretends to be deaf, in order to spy for information and pass it along to Diego. As well as the rest of the others characters who has done an outstanding job.  Dam that brings memories if time. Some day it is going to be in my collection. A terrific little story that is still pleasurable to watch. I still get a kick out of this one then I went Dam I am getting old.




A Film by Simon Vincer
Cast: Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones and Danny Glover.
Retired Texas Rangers Gus McRae and Woodrow Call are Happy as kites to live out their remaining years in the tiny Texas town of Lonesome Dove. When their old friend Jake comes to town, and tells them about the oppurtunities for cattle ranching in Montana. Encouraged by this, Call convinces Gus and many other townspeople to go on a perilous cattle drive to Montana. Gus has another agenda though: his former sweetheart now lives in Nebraska, and he hopes for a second chance with her. As the drive goes on it takes on an epic scale, ultimately becoming what could well be called the central event in the lives of all involved. This was the best western ever. This is how the cowboys Back in the day What they were face every day a very raw look how it was in the west. it was the great plains, the Texas deserts, the wide rivers, the mesquite groves. Not marvelous vistas, but simple, real, gritty scenery. You can taste the dust of the panhandle and smell the plains. Then there’s the action. There’s lots of it. Flooding rivers, driving rains, realistic fights, thundering cattle drives, horrible scenes of rape and torture (just under TV censor radar), plenty of death and sadness. All of it believable. All of it heart-tugging. All of it amazing. Buy the DVD set. You won’t be disappointed.


Hatfields & McCoys

Directed by Kevin Reynolds.

Cast: Kevin Costner, Bill Paxton, Matt Barr .

A clash of clans that evoked vengeance, courage, sacrifice, crimes and accusations, which changed the families and the history of the region forever. The Hatfield-McCoy saga begins with ‘Devil’ Anse Hatfield and Randall McCoy. During the civil war those 2 were good friends. Hatfield deserted they return to their neighboring homes – Hatfield in West Virginia, McCoy just across the Tug River border in Kentucky. It became too much tensions; misunderstanding, and resentments that blew out in all warfare between the families. It almost broke down the states i an other civil war.

History channel series Hatfields & McCoys is based on historical facts. Coster and Paxton was perfect casting. “Hatfields & McCoys” tells the true story of a legendary grudge match that started at the end of the Civil War and dragged on for decades and almost stated a civil was between the 2 states. it first started in 1863 a dispute about timber rights. Then someone is accused of stealing a pig got drag into court, before you know it one is shootin the other and the body counts is piling up. The two family was famous for killing each other. The cast Tom Berenger as Hatfield’s hot-headed uncle, Powers Boothe as Hatfield’s big brother, Mare Winningham as McCoy’s beleaguered wife and Jena Malone as McCoy’s trouble-making niece is so perfect. The thing is I never heard about it until now. It is a tale of vengeance and how difficult it can be to bury the hatchet, which didn’t happen officially until 2003. Sixty descendants of the Hatfields and McCoys signed a symbolic peace treaty in 2003.


Hatfields & McCoys

The real Hatfields 1897


KUNG FU (1972 – 1975)

Kung fu

Creator: Ed Spielman

Cast: David Carradine, Keye Luke, Radames Pera 

I just got in the U.S back in 1977 and a friend of mine who is my best friend now told me about that series and we watch the reruns. This was too cool back then, and it still stands out today. The series was created by Bruce Lee and  he wanted to star in it, but the studio wouldn’t have it do to the fact that back in the 70’s an Asian actor starring in a role in a series was a no no. A while later Bruce Lee made a name for himself in honk Kong before he died Hollywood wanted him to star in American movie but his life got cut short. So anyway they put David Carradine into it and show him the Kung Fu moves before hand. Kung Fu is about a shaolin monk; Kwai Chang Caine. He travels around the wild west, seeking to help others and avoiding bounty hunters. You get from time to time the flashbacks show Caine’s past, we see that he has been trained to use kung fu, but he is a monk. This was never been done before a series with martial art none the less in the west. David Carradine has done fine in this series and was well surrounded with a great cast. Alrhough David later on years later on finally learn Kung Fu , but when he started the series they would show him the moves and he would practice before hand.  If you get a chance to see that one do see it. It ended in 3 season because David quit because he had too many injuries and he felt he could not go on.

 Kung Fu (1972–1975)


WANTED DEAD OF ALIVE (1958 – 1962)

Cast:  Steve McQueenWright KingOlan Soule

McQueen’s character of Josh Randall is a confederate turned bounty hunter with a soft heard. He helps the needy and prisoners  if they were wrongly accused. He carries a sawed off  Winchester Model 1892. He is able to draw his gun super fast.

I remember this show where my best friend told me about it when it was on TV they were showing reruns of it. I caught most shows. I loved it McQueen the cool dude getting bad guys. Although they change it a bit usually they put a bounty hunter who is ruthless at getting bad guys. There they had him solving people problem, helping them out. A nice touch there. If I remember correctly is has 1/2 hour episode.